A Little About Turnerhill’s

Turnerhill’s House of BBQ had it’s humble beginnings when Wilton Turnerhill opened its doors in 1962 on 882 Grape St, Abilene, TX Within a couple of years he opened his second location on North 1st St. He became famous for Barbecue, hot links and his signature dessert called Old Fashioned Butter Roll. Wilton’s grandmother use to make him this dessert and was popular in the 1920s.

• An airline in Dallas use to fly BBQ from Abilene to Dallas for their parties.
• Singer James Brown use to stop in and have BBQ for breakfast when he came to town.
• Wilton has even honored a request to ship food to a congressman for a gathering at the congressman’s home.


The restaurant later relocated to 1881 N. Treadaway Blvd. Wilton became famous for his food and his pleasant demeanor. He retired in 2003 and no one ever picked up the mantel….
Until now. Marcus Turnerhill, the grandson of Wilton has opened, along with help of Bill Silva and both of their wives. This time at 1216 HWY 159 E, Bellville, TX. Keeping the BBQ recipes true to what made Wilton all those years ago. Marcus has carried on the tradition of the Turnerhill charm, love of feeding others, and great tasting food.

Marcus returned to family business after pursuing a career in the IT industry and spending 10 years in the US Army. He moved to Houston in 2004 and worked in several different positions to include a car salesman, IT technical support and as a Point-Of-Sale technician primarily for the food industry. In March, he was giving the opportunity to cater an event a Summer’s Backyard which is owned by his friend Summer. Working overnight, smelling the great smells, and watching all of the smiles from the enjoyment of his hard labor ignited his passion that lead him to reopen the family’s legacy.






Bill Silva, a twelve year Army Veteran, has a love of cooking food and has joined Marcus in this endeavor. There bond is so great they are like brothers, making this still a family business.  He spent many years turning a wrench, but has often pursued his passion of self employment often with Marcus by his side. He’s the driving force when everyone has given their all and wants to have a break, Bill pushes until the end goal is met.

Both of these men are joined by their very supportive wives, Kim Turnerhill and Tammie Silva. Kim, working in the medical industry, is a wiz when it comes to baking. Tammie, a former 911 operator, is a robot that just works and strives on perfection to ensure customers are happy.